Our History

Our Beginning

In May 1897, a Sunday school was formed, meeting at Franklin School, less than a block from where the church now stands. The church was started by Rev. Minnie Dickinson.

Wright Community Congregational Church

Thirteen years later, October 19, 1910, the little “Franklin Community” established a church. On December 20, 1910, Wright Community Congregational Church was so named in honor of Dr. Ruben B. Wright, a pastor of First Congregational Church in Boise and staunch supporter of the “new congregation” in the country outside of Boise. Worship services were held at Franklin School until a “basement” church home was dedicated November 11, 1914. We have been growing ever since.

The Fires

After the fire destroyed the building in 1940, a new church building was built on the same site.
Staying strong, the Congregation rebuilt the church building after yet another devastating fire in 1952. In 1961, Wright Community Congregational Church joined the United Church of Christ in a covenant.

The Remodel

An extensive remodel in 1998 added spacious classrooms and a new library. The entire facility was made accessible to all disabilities, including the installation of an elevator and fully accessible restrooms.