From the Pastor’s Desk

Do Not Be Afraid: #morelove

Dear Friends,

Christmas is almost here and I must take a minute to stop and simply be present to this moment. God is with us and presenting us with abundant gifts. First of all, we have a community of faith that is alive and thriving. Wright Church is a joyful place to worship, serve, and belong. New friendships are budding all around us. Our Giving Tree is overflowing with gifts for the Boise Rescue Mission. Our Christmas Eve worship services are full to the brim with joyful people and children who all want to worship our newborn Christ child. New people are stepping up to help with leadership roles and we are once again able to give financial help to many charitable missions. We have a new roof, a new sound system, and a projector system almost ready to go. We are able to update our facilities and provide Christian Education and programming for our growing community. If I don’t stop to be grateful I might miss the true meaning of Christmas~God is with us. God has sent angels among us disguised as you. You are all angels of God, messengers of hope, joy, peace, and love. I thank God for everyone of you this Christmas.

Christmas Eve will be fun. Come to the morning service for communion in a more traditional setting. Our Candlelight Service is at 7:00pm complete with a children’s procession being led in by a donkey. We will end by singing Silent Night with our faces aglow with candlelight.

Merry Christmas Wright Church! God is with us and we need not be afraid.

With much love,
Pastor Kathy