Greetings from The Monastery of St. Gertrude!

This is Day 4 of our week-long silent retreat. If I were to receive a grade on how I am doing with my silence, (and thank heavens the sisters do not give grades) I would say I am doing better than last year but I still have much room for improvement. I am up here with Diane Claus and of course,St. Gertrudes I need to speak to her occasionally about such things as why we avoid taking crunchy foods, the names the sisters gave the pair of local mourning doves~Lonesome and LP, Lonesome’s Partner, and hints about how to get through the very long quiet evenings.

A week of silence is life-changing. For me I have come to love this place that is so steeped in prayer that it feels like free-falling into God’s love. God is so present here! I have had many epiphanies which will come out in my sermons for many months ahead. The one I will leave you with is this. The week started abruptly with a dream about the many ways I have sinned in my life. That was not incredibly pleasant, but very humbling and informative because some events I had not even counted as sin. I stayed there long enough to learn what must be learned and then it was as if God said, “But none of that matters. I love you and I trust you with the calling I have given you. Now go enjoy this surprisingly wild and joyful world I gave you.”

God is holding the same gift for you. The gift of forgiveness that leads to deep joy in knowing how much you are cherished and trusted. I will be back at Wright Church this Sunday to celebrate Holy Communion with you. I can’t wait!

Life is good. God is good. You are good.

Much love to you all,

Pastor Kathy

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