The Cross: A Lesson in How to Love

Dear Friends,

Yesterday morning we had a crew of people here to hang our cross back up on the wall. It’s up and the world feels right again. I haven’t been here all that long but I have beenThe Cross here long enough to come to love that cross and realize the significance of its presence in the front of our sanctuary. We took it down to have the sanctuary painted and during the time it was down nothing felt quite right in our church. That cross has helped me learn an important lesson about our spiritual health within this community.

We have experienced much change in the last nine months and the cross being down was simply too much for some people. While it was down we installed the projector and screen. I asked you to please let me know how you feel about the screen and I have heard from many of you. Many are very pleased with it and are excited to see all of the many ways we can use it in our worship services. Some people with hearing and vision problems report that the screen makes it easier to sing the songs and read the responsive readings. Some who sit in the back are having a hard time seeing the screen and many people are concerned about it covering the cross. Some would like the screen to go up during the sermon and not be up before the service starts.

To address the concerns we are working on placing a monitor in the back section. This will allow the people in the back another viewing option. When we hung the cross back up today we can see that the screen covers most of the top section of the cross, none of the horizontal section or the bottom. We are going to try rolling up the screen during the sermons and we could eliminate our announcement loop before church and lower the screen after church begins. These are the solutions we have come up with so far that we believe will help us with the challenges we are facing. The cross is helping us learn how to be in community together. We are expressing our thoughts and feelings in kind and caring ways and coming up with solution and compromises that place the good of the community before our individual desires. Who would have the guessed God could use a simple cross to teach us how to love each other and be in community together?

The irony is not lost on me and I stand in humble gratitude of how God continues to mold and make us into a strong and unified community of faith. We are in this together and God is working many miracles between us.

In other news, I am heading up to the Monastery of St. Gertrude’s for a week-long silent retreat. I will be gone Friday, January 26th through Friday, February 2nd. I am looking forward to spending seven days with God in the snowy mountains of northern Idaho.

Rev. Larry Etter will be preaching this Sunday. I feel so blessed to have Larry in our congregation. He is willing to offer us his sage wisdom, gentle encouragements, and preach meaningful sermons while I am away. Thank you, Larry.

Thank you for walking with me on the journey toward the heart of God. You are wonderful travel companions.
With much love,

Pastor Kathy

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